poor patty.

so i woke up at 5 this morning to Patrick running to the toilet...2 words: Stomach bug.  He (i'm sorry...not for the weak of stomach) puked from 5 am until about 1 pm.  Since i had no idea he was sick, i slept in the same bed as him last night.  I have lysoled the entire house-door knobs, light switches, pillows, remote controls, phones, etc and washed my hands every time i move along with trying to drink as much water as physically possible.  I have also kept him in my room and changed the sheets in his room so i will have a place to rest my head tonight.  It's pretty sad.  I can't really do anything for him, but i want to make him feel better.  ¡He has been in so much pain!  He actually got some sleep this afternoon, though, so hopefully he will be on the up soon.  In other news...i am absolutely exhausted.  This whole 21 hours thing is starting to take its toll on me.  I am not giving up, though...4.0 here i come!! (Pray for me).  Hope all is well with everyone else...uh oh, i hear some puking going on in the other room (guess that soup wasn't a good idea after all)  :(  damn.


here goes nothing...

well, this is my first post to my freshly created blog!  i sincerely hope you all read it and its not boring!  Anywho...i'm currently in 21 hours of school and still have 3 more hours to finish up in July.  I will walk in May, but will actually graduate in August-in case you were worried.  These past two weeks have been full of studying since i have had all 7 tests in the last 10 days.  Today i think i aced my Sociology test!  The course is the study of death and dying-which actually sounds interesting, right?  Not so much-its more or less about defining death than anything else.  Pretty boring.  Tomorrow night Dark Star Orchestra is playing at the Lyric and i think Pat and i will attend...Ashley, i wish you and Michael were coming.  I've never even listened to them, but i'm pretty excited.  When i go out on Thursday nights it is pretty difficult to get up for for my 4 Friday classes, but it shall be worth it i'm sure.  Patrick works every Friday night, so i will make myself stay in and do my 2 projects that are due next week. blahhhh.  Saturday is Ryan's birthday so i think a bunch of us are going to go eat at Yocona!! Which has reopened about 15 minutes outside of Oxford.  Hopefully it will still be as yummy and have the same atmosphere.  I'll try to take pictures so you can see it.  I'm alone tonight because Pat is in Jackson and Joe is working...so i'm doing espaƱol homework and drinking a butt-load of wine by myself.  quite invigorating.  More to come later...ciao.