Our 2nd Hawaiian Christmas

After my family left it was time to head to Oahu for Ley's bachelorette partayyy! (what! what!)
haha, it was a great weekend with all of our Maui (and Oahu) friends!

Here are some pictures from the plane over...


lunch on the North Shore in Oahu-Ley, Jess, Shaunte

Laniakea Beach a.k.a. Turtle Beach

Vans Triple Crown Surf Comepetition

a little tribute to the blog!! :)

the waves were insane!

these little buggers were the root of all evil that day!

starry night in Oahu.

let the party begin...

Friday night...ready to hit the town.

Saturday we hit the water park...

(photo courtesy of Jessica Rongen)

(photo courtesy of Jessica Rongen)
Saturday night was the big night...
the bachelorette!

Unfortunately (or fortunately), that is all the pictures I have from our Oahu trip that weekend...

One night in December I was inside doing something (probably decorating) and looked outside and saw that the sunset looked insane from our house! I had to document...

this is looking mauka (toward the mountain; mountain-) side from our Ohana

this is looking makai (toward the sea; sea-) side from our Ohana

...and this is a little later in the night.  trying to show the tree lights from this huge tree that a family puts up every Christmas...

our tree before Christmas

just making some decor

thank you, pinterest, for our very holiday pancakes!

Christmas cookies! made from scratch!

In mid December we attended Patrick's work's Christmas party at Longhi's Wailea

Pat and Diane ("Thrasher")

we contemplated making a Christmas card out of this one...how perfect for us.

me and L bear.

There were so many football games going on, and it seems every time we were off work, we got together with friends to watch...
hanging at Chad's

uh ohhh

and finally...Merry Christmas!!
it was our 2nd Christmas on Maui, and this year it truly felt like home!  It was a great day!!

Santa didn't skip over us!

opening presents!

Santa sure was good to us!
We spent Christmas night with Ley's family and our friends!  It was such a great day and night!! We felt truly  blessed and thankful for such great friends and family!  Merry Merry!!

Sweet Soph was the star of the party Christmas night!  

lacey and patrick.


the Thiels come to Maui

I still cannot believe it has come and gone so quickly, but my mom, brother (Matt), and sister in law (Mary Margaret) came to visit for Thanksgiving!
They arrived at 6pm Thanksgiving night (November 24th, 2011)...

picking them up at the airport

...and we took them home for some Thanksgiving dinner with all of our friends!

Pat showing Matt where we are

We woke up Friday morning and headed to Makena for some sights and a Big Beach day!
[See website below for some fun facts about Makena, HI]

Mom and me at Secret Beach

Norms got adventurous

the gang at Big Beach

look at that model! what a picture, seriously! beautiful, momma!

sunset at Wailea Beach

Saturday we took on the Road to Hana...


surfboard fence in Haiku

i honestly don't know what this is...any hints?

getting on Hana Hwy

"on the road again..."

painted eucalyptis

so excited in the backseat

Meat doing what he did best the whole trip

mile marker 11...



Ke'anae lookout

perfect way to end the trip...rainbow at 7 Sacred Pools

heading home...


On Sunday Mom, Matt, Mary Margaret, and I cruised to lahaina   for some window shopping and sight seeing...

Pioneer Inn (across from the harbor) for lunch


gotta watch out for the paparazzi around here

ka'anapali to see black rock


Ka'anapali beach

Black Rock

back to Kihei for sunset...

Aloha Sun!

Monday morning the boys went to play golf at the Blue course in Wailea, so mom and I met Mary Margaret at the Grand for some beach time! It was a gorgeous day!

Monday night we attended the Grand Luau at Honua'ula

super tourist

digging up the Imu

hula dancers

By Tuesday we had all checked into the Grand Wailea  and we spent the next two days enjoying the view!

view from our room

sunset view

Aloha Matt!
Tuesday night, everyone's last night, we celebrated with dinner at the Humuhumunukunukuapua'a!  It was a truly unforgettable trip!
insane dessert at the Humu

all decorated for Christmas

saying goodbye :(

Such a good week and we were very glad to spend a holiday with family!  We are so glad you guys got to see our home and meet our friends and experience the beauty of this island!  Mahalo for coming to visit us!  We miss you all dearly and will see you soon, i'm sure!

lace and pat.