Back to Maui!!

Well, we arrived back to Maui December 21st and got back to our normal schedules of working and beaching.  We spent our very first Christmas away from our families and everything else comforting like the cold weather, warm southern comfort meals (mac/cheese for me, something italian for pat), and Cherokee reunion bashes.  It was hard for sure, but we tried really hard to make it our own southern, hawaiian Christmas.  

Our morning coffee on Christmas morning

 our "christmas" tree (a mother-in-law's tongue plant) with too many presents and of course A Christmas Story playing nonstop on the t.v.

Passing out presents

Pat talking to his fam on our Christmas morning, their Christmas afternoon

Merry Christmas!!

our new car!! A '97 Honda Accord complete with a new (spray)paint job.      

Pat cooking his blonde chili for Christmas Dinner

My cheesy potato casserole-notice the 'biscoots" next to it-we basically ate ALL day!  We had pig in the blankets, cinnamon rolls, and biscoots for breakfast and then chili and casserole for dinner!  Not to mention our all day pogmosas and bloody mary's!

we did a little babysitting Christmas night as well-this is Pickles, our landlords kitty.  She loved our Christmas tree!  Too bad i broke out into hives because she got too close to me! Dumb allergies!

We also made a video that we sent to our families on Christmas morning, its really short and kind of funny-if you're interested, check us out at 

I just got Patrick's camera put onto a cd so that we could actually put his pics up here!  I found more pics from him being in Jackson, so friends and family enjoy more Jackson/BR pics...

 Pat and Win playing at the park

 a day with Uncle Pat and G.

they saw a gator with his pal the turtle just crewsin' on his back

 playin football with uncle Pat...hotty toddy, right Win??

Now-Laura and Thomas' Wedding in Baton Rouge, LA...


Everyone that has been seen on this blog...its time to book a flight and GET  YO SELF OUT HERE!  When will you get to stay FOR FREE again?? come on, you're welcome anytime! 

We miss and love you all!



Gearing up for Christmas

Well, aloha!!  It has been a while, but we have been super busy and my camera has broken for good AND my computer does not have any more space for ANYTHING! a.k.a no more pics on there! (donations for a new computer and camera gladly accepted)  ;)

Anywho-lets see, we pick up here with a few random pics from hanging out with friends and ends up with our vacation to Jackson!
Enjoy...i'll explain as we go...

hangin out at pizza madness after a day at the beach

pat, ley, steve, me, johnny, and derek at our attempt to jowl.

Chris (landlord) cutting open a coconut for us (it had fallen from a tree next door)

The inside of the coconut-that white part is the meaty part, and the juice has already been drained.

Shaunte's birthday sunset celebration.



Pat and Blake (our friend Katie's son) playin at Kam III

Patrick and i went hiking at Laperrouse-we had been there at the beginning of our adventure out here, but never done any of the hiking back there.  The entire trail is pretty rough-only broken up lava rocks to walk on, but the hidden places you find through those rocks makes it all worthwhile.  Check it out...

 on the trails-only rocks for miles and miles!

 the beginning of the trail

 a nice cow skull along the way-(hmm? will we make it out of here alive?)

 looking out along the shoreline

 the beach we found after about an hour hike

 so pumped to see water!

 recliners already built for us...

 Pat brought his hammock to enjoy for the day

 Vic is coming soon!!

 looking back at the same beach from farther along the trail

the sunset walking out of the trail, right before our camera died it captured this amazing picture

on our way to Lahaina we stopped to see the whales and a couple cars like this drove by!

 our first whales to see!!! (yes, it is that one tiny spot in the middle!)

  see the spout??

 Lahaina sunset

Dining at Roy's in Kahana for my work's Christmas Dinner

My coworkers! Pat, Me, Casey, Denise(bosses daughter), Tonia, Mark, Renee(bosswoman), Julio(bossman), Jonathan and his wife, Amber, Mark.

headed to jackson to see family and friends!!

almost there!!!

ahhhh! finalllllly! back in jacktown with normie!!! :)

 hanging out at uncle matt's! Lauren, Mary Margaret, Matt, Adin

 Sweet Matt and Mary Margaret had a dinner for all of us!-Mrs. Adcock, Kelli, Norms, Me, Mary

Opening my Christmas presents to them from Maui!!

Love you, brothers!! Mike, me, and Matt

got to see some best friends, too! Rachel, me, and Lee

Lauren and Adin opening their Christmas gifts from me.
 My sweet babies! Lauren and Adin

Pat also had a little get together at his house the night before we left to come back to Maui.  I'm going to put all the pics on here, and they may get a lil crazy so bare with me!  Enjoy friends...

Pat, Liz, me, Anna, Fergs

Pat and Peter

Alan, Mikey, Quinten (roy), pat

Me and Mike!

Pat and i trying to do the Hula

Liz, Tripp, Kyle, Fergs

William, Pete, me, DRoss

Tripp, Kyle, Pat

baby beer

hello, sir.

Alan, Bryson, TWook, Pat, Peter, David, TCoop, William, Vic

Mrs. Vicki and Mrs. Gerri

ok! thats all for now! i will update again on my next day off-next wednesday-and add more pics and vids from Christmas back on Maui and vic's visit!  Hope everyone is doing well!  We miss you all!  
A special prayer goes out to all our friends in Jackson who are grieving the loss of our amazing friend Peyton Houchins.  We wish we could have been there/be there now to help deal with this shocking loss, but we are there in spirit and not a day goes by that we don't think about or talk about him and some awesome memories.  For all those who might understand...Pat won a gift certificate the other night to "The barbershop"-and we know exactly why he won THAT one! Funny joke, pey...funny joke! We love you and will live life even more fully just for you, pey.