We came home from our Oahu trip ready to take advantage of all that was happening around town here on Maui.  We attended the Republik Music Fest on June 12th, which included Steel Pulse, Matisyahu, The Green, and a few others.  It was fun to finally see some live music out here! I know we have both been craving it!  The Maui Film Fest was here June 13-17 and Pat loves his films and documentaries (in case you haven't seen it...he made a documentary in 2007 http://www.barefootworkshops.org/alumni_gallery/2007/MS101-2007/MS101-2007_musicmaker.html ), so we attended the first and last night. Go here to see the films and events that were happening during the film fest

Enough talking, more showing...enjoi!

before the concert

at Larry's before the concert

the venue-Maui Arts and Cultural Center (MACC)

Matisyahu-we got pretty close for this one

Pat and i enjoying sunset from Kam III after work one day

Kam III (with my long locks)

Kam III sunset

Kam III watching sunset

the Maui Film Fest 2011 - everyone setting up camp for the night

Maui Film Fest 2011-Father's Day

Steve, Tay, and i on the hill watching sunset before the festivities
Maui Film Fest 2011

sunset over the Film Fest

The next weekend I randomly and suddenly decided i needed my hair cut-for Locks of Love!  It took a mimosa or two pregame (if you know me, you know i hated my short hair Freshman year of college and so now everytime i get a "cut" [trim] i squeeze the sides of the chair so hard i get blisters) but i pulled through [with slight freak out directed towards my stylist] and chopped off 13 inches!

the long locks right before the big [trim]
the last time you will see me with long locks for quite a while

ahhh! you can see my right hand...holding on for dear life, and my eyes are closed! Now i can see, though, that i should have gone shorter!
a little nervous post-game! Thanks, Reiko!!

there she goes! (kinda nasty, i'm aware)
Alrighty, keiki! Thats all for now! Next to come...Kelli and Hal's trip the first week of July! Woof, that might be a long one (and take a while to occur)!
Love to all!
20...days until Mikey, GrayLew, Lauren, and Shells arrive
26...days til Vic arrives
36...days til Katie arrives
47...days til the Crews' arrive
61...days til Tedo and Marge move over!!
Enjoi this gem...

Thanks to Derrick and Michelle for this gem! (we are sharing) and we LOVE it!

Farewell! Aloha!


Petah the Cheetah

Our good friend Petah (Peter, if you will) came back to visit and brought a friend this time.  He and Robert came over for the weekend before they continued on to Oahu.

our one joyous night with these two-at Sansei

Unfortunately we had to work the entire time they were here, so this is the only picture I have from that weekend!

Patrick and I packed up the next week and headed to Oahu to stay with Pete.

when we arrived, view from the hotel

out exploring-Duke

view from Peter's balcony-Waikiki

finally enjoying a pina colada and acting like a tourist!

Pat-you are so tall all of a sudden!

We woke up on the day of the supposed rapture and immediately began celebrating-mimosas-what if it were to be our last day on Earth?

the bar at the hotel-i thought it was insanely, aesthetically pleasing

me and Pat at Pearl Harbor
touring the USS Arizona

the names of all the known men who died at Pearl Harbor on the USS Arizona.  Very sad to see.

touring inside the submarine
having breakfast with the soldiers



@ Waikiki Nashville-crazy honky tonk

Our last day with Pete-we enjoyed Waikiki beach and the pool afterwards

so chillaxed!
best trip ever!

did NOLA move here?

we celebrated our last night at the Top of Waikiki restaurant-it revolves!

i thought the menus were simply gorgeous
our view from the table at the Top of Waikiki
enjoying sunset right from our table

just a glimpse at how pretty the cuisine is
playing on the escalators
 We had more fun being tourists in Waikiki with Peter than we have had in a while! It is nice to get away, even if we are on a permanent "staycation" in Maui!  We always love when Peter comes over to Maui to hang for a while, so we were glad we could meet him on Oahu this time as well! Peter, we hope to be seeing A LOT more of you now that you are becoming part of the Kama'aina now! See you soon, brother!
Lace and Pat.