the last leg to our journey.

As most people know by now, we made the decision to return to Mississippi in March of 2012.  We left Maui on March 1st and headed to Denver, CO for 2 weeks before landing back on the MAIN mainland, the Sip.

In Denver, not only did we get to explore many parts of the local area...from Breckenridge to Golden to Idaho Springs to downtown Denver, but we also got to spend some amazing time visiting with family!  I tried to keep track and if I am correct, I met 30 new family members (of Patrick's) while visiting Denver (and no, that doesn't include dogs)!  Everyone was amazing and we loved every second of it! 

It was one heck of a time!  Thank you everyone for all of the [italian] hospitality! :)
and don't worry...i'm off to watch the Godfather now! ;)

below are a few pics of our "last supper" in Maui...so much thanks and love goes out to the Magbual family!

Baby G and Pat showing the Shaka!

Magbuals (minus the boys!) gah lee do we love and miss yall!! 

such a great last night!

Pat and Jovy...with our "to go" butter rolls! 

at the airport...saying goodbye...for now! love you guys!

and off we were...to Denver, CO!...

landing in Denver to a super cold and snowy day!

but it turned out to be such a gorgeous afternoon!

Uncle Mike and Pat...thank you for picking us up!

Pat, cousin Jamie, Uncle Mike, Grandpa, and little Michael

our first day in Littleton, we drove around seeing familiar sights from when Pat was little...

an old Anderson home...on...

this is actually the house that Ladybugs (the soccer movie) was filmed in!

and the house on...

absolutely gorgeous sunset that night! (i think Maui was following us...)

hangin' out.

ole Ziggy.

Uncle Marty and Aunt Doreen made a great Italian dinner for us one night!
the whole gang

exploring downtown Denver...
the Art museum (unfortunately it is closed on Mondays)

le capitol

the Fillmore

an old wookie bar with some really cool memorabilia

seeing some friends

Peter...i swear, you are everywhere. at once.

yet another old Anderson home.

Broncos stadium

just to show how cold it was...we were FREEZING. going from 85 to 23 (and sea level to 5,000 ft) in just a few days...not the best idea!

Pat and Uncle Chris enjoying the ManMobile

Uncle Chris said he was going to go ahead and hand this down to Pat

hanging out with little Dom

Uncle Chris, David, Patrick, Dominic, and Andrew

THE man and me.

the pimp mobile

their favorite candy store, remembering Grandma Jo


we took an entire day to explore the foothills and many small town around Denver...thanks for being our tour guide, Jamie!

Red Rocks

Indian Hot Springs

checking out the actual hot springs...kind of a creepy place

Maui on my mind.

up to 11,000 ft...feeling woozy yet?

Buffalo Bill's grave

from the lookout

you could see downtown Denver through the 'scope

Oh, Golden

the Coors factory

Coors field

We went to visit Aunt Esther and Uncle Danny

then we headed for the mountains...
on the way to Breckenridge

it was my first time to snowboard...and despite my coach's efforts (ahem), i was able to stay off my bum some of the time!...

it was rough out there

but i did it!!

hey, Pat!

exhausted after a long day of teaching and riding!

its gorgeous out there!

hanging out with Colin in Breck

some frozen running water...it must be COLD.

One last night with the Williams' family! Thanks for everything!
sweet Ziggy.

and Mia.

the Williams'!

Jamie, Brittany, me, Pat

Uncle Marty and Pat being "cool"

Aunt Doreen, Uncle Marty, Pat, and me

us and Grandpa! Thanks for putting up with us, Grandpa!!

Our last few couple of days we spent at Uncle Mike and Aunt Pam's...

amazing and serene view from their house

Michael and Brittney

playing games and hanging out!

i think the girls actually won here!

hanging out with Bogie

little Mike beat everyone at Wii tennis!

Mike and Mike

i actually beat Pat at wii bowling!! here is proof!

Mike, Patrick, Heather, Brittney

the whole gang

It was an amazing 2 weeks and many many thanks to everyone for hosting and feeding us! We loved every second getting to visit with family, friends, and see such beautiful sights!  Mahalo, Denver!

now off to...Jackson, MS!...

on the plane.

we spy the river...the mighty mighty river...

Back at home...

my first time meeting Baby Thiel!

did i shrink?

 Molly, Matt, and Mary Margaret Thiel

seeing my Punky for the first time in over a year!!

Well, thats all for now! Hope all is well with everyone!

all our love,

Lacey and Patrick.