All My Single Ladays...All My Single Ladays

...to finish off the last post...

I found these last few photos hidden on the camera!

Aloooooha Mike and Shellz!!

dropping them off at the airport

saying goodbye!

Vic overlapped all the crews, and while some cats had to leave, we still had Vic to keep us going...
Katie finally arrived on island August 18, 2011!  We hadn't seen each other in 1 whole year!! definitely the longest we have ever gone! 
We had an amazing, short, and busy week!!

at the airport!
she had to have her coffee and call all her loved ones immediately!!

a little horse shoes and sunset at Kam III

Vic and Tay

sunset at Kalama Park

Me and KK

The first day KK was here, we hit Big Beach and then Kalama for sunset and made each other dinner!  The next day we headed for Haiku and the Bamboo Forrest...

drinking from her first real coconut!!

surfboard fence in Haiku

she's a good one.

Katie must have all of the photos from the hike!  The next day we did the westside loop and ended the day in Lahaina...

Honolua and Slaughterhouse

Honolua Bay (sorry about the thumb!)

a perfect Lahaina sunset

same image, just a little later...

the guy from the shark tooth place and his bird...

the Lahaina Banyan!
The following morning we awoke to hit the Road to Hana...

painted eucalyptus on the Road to Hana

hiking into waterfalls at mile marker 11

birds of paradise

Red Sands Beach

Katie's FIRST time to camp EVER!!!

hiking to Waimoku Falls!

7 Sacred Pools

this is the spot in the above and below pictures that Pat is sitting on...

going into the bamboo!

looking out through the bamboo


KK in the falls!

leaving the Road to Hana...backside! like Mars...
That night we went to Fred's Taco Tues!! It was Me and Patrick's 1 year living on Maui anniversary and also...


We had such an amazing week!! We cannot go that long again!! Congrats on all your accomplishments, Kate!! I know you worked hard to come out here and you work hard every day!! You are such an inspiration and i love you!!

Lacey and Pat.