phamily reunion.

A very large crew, two of which are known members of the "wolfpack" and the other their girlfriends, arrived August 2nd, 2011!  We had been counting down the days until our friends arrived and we were SO excited to see our friends from childhood here on the island!

Everyone arrived around 3pm in the afternoon on a Tuesday and we all got to hang out until Pat went to work.  Then Michael, Mikey, Shelley, Lauren, and I packed up and headed to Charley Young Beach for a sunset celebration!
Lauren and Shelley's first swim in the Pacific!

Mike and Shellz

Lauren, Me, Shelley

Charley Young sunset over Lanai

our hetty photo from Fred's pregame-first Mai Tais and Pina Coladas!

We spent their first full day in Maui on Big Beach in Makena! The wind was crazier than I have ever felt on Big Beach and the waves were absolutely insane!! However, we managed to find a nook in the rocks to escape the sand blasts!

the whole crew! Lauren, Mikey, Pat, Lacey, Shelley, Gray-Lewis, Greg, and thank you Carey for snapping the pic!

Lauren about to get swallowed up! The water was rough and the waves were insane!!


Phishtour talk...

  • Michael and Pat trying to get the grill going

the boyz

thank you, chef!


a look out to Big Beach from Little Beach

looking at the jump...(remember the fins? this is pre shark scare!)
Big Beach was a success!  We came home and devoured some Pizza Madness and hit the sack...an early morning was planned the following day!
Thursday morning we woke up and got prepared for camping in Hana for 2 nights! Off on the Road to Hana...

the ladies at Ho'okipa...the beginning of the Road to Hana


hiking at mile marker 11

Ley and Steve @ Mile Marker 11
the path to Venus Pool

"Lorrren" and Mike in the stone oven at Venus Pool

the boys getting ready to jump

they did it...oh, but wait....

...there he goes!!

Shelley and Ley

some beavers!

has to be the highest jump to date!

Venus Pool


pretty flowers at Venus

can i get a ride?...

the top of 7 Sacred Pools (or Oheo Gulch)

the bottom pools

twister made an appearance at the campsite

our campsite

just checking out the stars...

and he wonders why everyone else was awake...he practically scooted us out of the tent...

7 Sacred Pools

the hike to Waimoku Falls

entering the Bamboo Forrest

worn out but excited to get to the Falls!
I guess I never took any pictures at the actual Waimoku Falls! Bummer! but courtesy of Michael Victor Gerard Gray-Lewis, here you go...

Weird Al!! Who would've thought...we would see him on the trail to Waimoku Falls in Hana, HI!

the Mighty Waimoku Falls! We made it!

we did it!! 4 miles!!
Unfortunately, Patrick had to work the night we returned from Hana, but we made the most of it anyway!  We went to Sansei to indulge in all kinds of sushi!!
Mikey was STARVING! ha..just mopping up his veggies!

 I awoke Saturday morning to go to work and found this surprise on Wild Thing!

These ducks (Swidgin and Haystack) live across the street, and for some reason, they love our place! The big one, Swidge, is a male and he is always hissing and wagging his tail.  I never know if he wants to play or if he is trying to attack!

Later that day, the crew went snorkeling at the Fish Bowl in Makena and then we all went to lunch at Cafe O'Lei (one of our favorite lunch spots)!  We then went back to Big Beach to start sunset and ended up at Kam III to finish it.  Finally, we made it to Spices for some hot tub action and live music!  The bad was great, and what do you know, they were playing tons of Grateful Dead just for our wookies!

the crew at Spices

with the hetty band.

The following day, we took on the westside loop (as we call it).  We started on the backside in order to end in Lahaina... 

the ropeswing!

making the double jump infamous, once again

can you believe it...he even had cell phone reception down there!

our professional photographer


The same day, Victor was to arrive!  While the boys went to pick him up, the girls checked into our penthouse at Lahaina Shores!... 

the view from our penthouse balcony

Shelley and the maker of Michael's Tiki Man! Mahalo!
 We attended the Feast at LeLe that night! The Feast is a Luau in Lahaina!

sunset at the Feast at LeLe

the princess of the Luau!

It was such an amazing week with everyone! I know I say that for each visitor, but I'm being honest!  We love having our friends and family come visit us and see what we have been calling home for the last year and almost 2 months! (can you believe its already been that long!?)
We miss you all dearly and encourage anyone to come visit, as always!!
Lacey and Patrick.