Our Life Lately...

We have made a few upgrades in our transportation options lately!

i would like to introduce you all to our lil moped (not named as of yet)...
don't we look like dumb and dumber??

And THIS...is our new (old) jeep!

we haven't named her either yet, but she has been pretty solid so far, so she may never need one!

the interior is the most epic part of the entire thing- a bright red leather and cloth mixture complete with a brand new Armor All shine job! 

We took time to explore some parts of the island that we haven't seen yet!  On this particular day, we drove to the west side of the island past Lahaina, the West Siiiide Loop if you will.

what a great time to be doing some exploring (especially in the jeep)
driving the coast

at the end of a hike down the mountain that we found after Mendes Ranch in Kahakuloa

climbing the rocks

we found a rope swing!! (too bad Ley wasn't with us)

is he going to do it??

of course he is! do you know him!!? :)

another coastal view of the drive

this was a HUGE home and local artists' gift shop along the way

from the top of the mountain, looking down onto a little town before Honolua Bay

i love this view because it lets you know just how much bigger Nature is than us

the cutest pink ice cream station along the road

another ice cream set up...very original.

another beautiful hike leading to the ocean

some rock art along the way

since when do we listen to warning signs??

we found the BLOWHOLE!

next to Honolua Bay in Kapalua-those specks are surfers at sunset

had to capture the Vdub bus

this is Big Beach on one of our days off, and it was GORGEOUS

who knew that Budweiser had a RED tab AND a crown in it??? pretty sick

March 24th-Happy Birthday to Lacy Carr!! Love you!

out to dinner for Derek's Birthday-also March 24th!

Today we had the day off so we decided to go to Iao Valley, which neither of us had been to so far.  Iao Valley is in Wailuku, about 20 to 30 minutes away from where we live.

watch out! Chick crossing!

Pat chasing the daddy roo

this is the "needle" of the Valley-it is 2,250 ft high in the middle of all this lush, mountainous area

what does this even mean?

a path off the path
a natural spring at the end of the trail

auto timer-just barely made it!

another spring on the other side of the trail-looked like a rocked off pool was made

...that's all folks!! and guess what...now you are UP TO DATE!
We have a lot of visitors coming in the next few months...and i hope you are one of them!
We will definitely document those trips and continue to keep everyone updated! Start making your lists of what you want to see while you're here! We wouldn't mind one singleof bit to re-explore any of these adventures!  Love to all,

Lace and Pat.