Well, here we are...


This is our NEW blog! hopefully we will post a lot and we are going to get our family to check it out as well as our friends! Here are a few of our recent adventures in MAUI!

We landed around 7pm Monday night (Maui time) and were greeted by Kathey and Drew with beautiful, real orchid leys! We were a little tired, if you can't tell...

The next morning, we got up and went to "Big Beach" about 10 to 15 minutes away.
walking up

the beach itself

shoutout to Doors and More!

our first swim in the Pacific Ocean

Needless to say the beach was gorgeous-the water is clear blue, yet a little cold at first.  (the pacific is a really cold ocean...no matter where you are come to find out) but we warmed up once we got in!  The shore break at this beach and i guess most of the beaches here is really intense!  The waves aren't too bad yet but right at the shore it breaks really hard.

After "Big beach" we went to Laperouse.  It is a memorial type place where the whole way up the hill in the car it is nothing but broken apart lava rocks on both sides of the road.  At the end is this beautiful beachlike area with tons of huge lava rocks and pebbles made up of coral and lava instead of sand.

     the pebbles

the biggest port o potty in the world up there

the water at Laperouse

the lava rocks on the side of the road the entire way up

Then we went to Foodland and got a snack called "Poke" Poke (pronounced "po-keh") means "to slice or cut." As a food dish served as an appetizer or snack, it usually consists of bite-sized pieces of raw, fresh fish mixed with seaweed and kukui nut relish. Today’s poke aficionados, however, incorporate a wide range of ingredients, including all types of seafood (everything from swordfish and snapper to octopus and lobster), herbs, spices, nuts, marinades, fruits, vegetables, seasonings and even tofu. (courtesy of aloha-hawaii.com)
This is a traditional Hawaiian dish.  We had Spicy ahi poke and shoyu ahi poke (shoyu is soy sauce in Hawaii).  
This is what poke looks like
(it is a lot like sashimi sushi)

Well at the end of the day we went to Kam 1 beach to watch the sunset.  The winds were about 20mph so we had to sit in the grass because we were getting pelted with sand, but it was absolutely insane.  I could never get sick of the sunset here...

just getting to Kam 1

i don't know if you can read the sign but it said "Sheep Drop Use Caution"...we have NO idea what a sheep drop is...

the beach-Kam 1

this picture looks painted and i swear we took all of these with my cannon power shot

the sun going down

"i've got the whole world in my hands..."

our first Maui sunset!!

the palms with coconuts at the top

this limb fell on one of Drew's friends and just barely missed him-it was scary!!

That was an amazing first day!! Since then we have been on the job/house/car hunt and it is more and more promising each day.  Hope to have something by the end of this week.  Well i hope everyone is having a great day/night/whatever it is when you read this!! Hope all is well on the mainland! I'll leave you all with some more sunset pics from Wednesday night (again from Kam 1) and other randoms...enjoy!

sunset walking from K and D's place to the beach

bye bye sun

we found a few catholic churches already!

the guy with the recycled surfboard fence

riding in the car-an hour before sunset

sugar cane mill

Stella Blue's-my banana macadamia nut pancakes and pat's smothered burrito (with chili sauce)


Lacey and Pat



ohhh my gosh! Pat and i leave for Maui in ONE WEEK! and almost exactly to the hour!! Our flight leaves from Jackson at 9:40 a.m. and we fly to Dallas, TX (a 1 hour and 25 min flight).  Then we go from Dallas to Seatle, WA (a 4 hour flight) and it will be 2:25 p.m. And then we go from Seatle to MAUI (a 6 hour flight) and it will be 7:15 p.m. Maui time (12:15 a.m. Jackson time).  So we will literally be traveling ALL day, but we gain 5 hours when we arrive in HI.  I'm going to be pooped, but! we're going to be in hawaii!

We had to say our goodbyes to everyone in Oxford and it was really, really sad.  Rebecca Lingle (works with Pat) is the only one who made me cry though! i had to pick up P from a late night at their house on thursday and she started crying after all the hugs and for some reason as soon as i saw her crying my eyes started pouring! Pat was like "whats wrong! are you mad at me??!" (an hour after we left their house)...i was like "NO! reba made me cry and i can't stop! this is hard!" you wouldn't think it would be that sad, i mean we have an exciting adventure ahead, but we don't get to take any of our friends with us! And we have gotten so close to the few people left in Oxford that we actually hang out with regularly that it hurts! (claire, kelli and hal, reba and locke, other grocery people, the Busby family,...)

but! i am in jackson and Pat is out phishing (Alpine Valley in East Troy, WI).  As soon as i got home i decided to change my home bedroom from "highschool" to "recent grad" themed.  Since i got home Saturday i have been going through every inch of my room cleaning out the old and doing some major dusting and putting up the new.  i.e. changing pictures, storing old memories, throwing away the SHIT i kept for no reason at all, etc.  It is a slowly rewarding process.  My blood (for real, i cut myself 3 times on a broken glass picture frame) and sweat (my mom keeps it 80 degrees in this house) have gone into this process and i think i will feel so much more at ease about leaving when i am done.  You know? its like refreshing my life before i move.  i just didn't want to come home to a dirty, messy, childhood room.  I wanted it to be grownup and remind me of happy memories when i come home from christmas or whenever my next trip will be!

Anyways...i am going to try and take a lot of pictures on our journey, so be sure to check back as soon as we get internet over there...

We are having a little going away bash this saturday (21st).  Our families and a few friends...if you are in jackson, come!! i am going to miss all of you very much! but just pretend i'm still in oxford! i won't be too far!! i love you all!