Catch up Time!

Aloha everyone! sorry it has been SO long, but too many problems with the computers and internet out here-and the fact that we would rather be out and about in this beautiful place than on the internet! Only for you guys...

Well lets see-i'll pick up where i left off...For my birthday weekend I was able to get off work Halloween day.  Thursday we all went to see Kathryn in her haunted house show-she did a thriller dance and it was off the chain! Scary haunted house too!  Saturday night a few of us got together, played cranium, drank some wine, and traveled to the bars nearby.  It was crazy packed because everyone was having their costume parties on Saturday night instead of Sunday (which i don't know why because Sunday is NOT a day of rest around here).  Then we went to the beach because the moon was really big and bright.  Sunday night we decided to create our own costume party and then headed off to Three's Bar and Grille for their big costume party round 2.  It was really fun and we continued the fun at Adam's for a lil afterparty.  Here are some fun pics from the weekend...

Pat and i with Blake (our friend Katie's lil boi) He is THE cutest lil guy ever! and he LOVES patrick.  (does it look like our baby? ha)
eating sushi after the haunted house

The haunted house we attended!
the zombie in front of the haunted house-blake was VERY interested.

ok-i will explain this one-that Saturday on my way to work, the bus driver was SO mean to me and long story short-he yelled at me and then slammed me in between the back doors of the bus.  He made me cry and it almost ruined my day! So in order to make myself back in the Halloween spirit, i created my own pumpkin shirt and brought my own mini pumpkin for decor.

Kathryn after her zombie production!

Ley, Tay, and i before going out Saturday night

Capt. Hook and Tink

Devil, Tiger Lilly, Peter Pan, Tink

Adam as a Mormon

The Dude.

a guy dressed as a Shower.

well i can't figure out how to rotate this, but i had to put it on here-freddie kruger in the band

"black mail" this was by far the most creative costume

Brandi with pat-and her crazy awesome makeup

Sunset at Little Beach last week! beautiful

Little beach

The Humuhumunukunukuapua'a (restaurant where Pat will work soon)

Speaking of, i don't know if i ever told you guys, but Pat is the new offsite manager for Waipuilani Condiminiums! go here  http://www.waipuilani.com/

guess who we got to see!!! Mrs. Mary Jo Blevs!!

We got to spend the day at the Grand Wailea Pool! :)

Okay! well that is all for now! Next blog will be special-we took a trip to Hana last week with Ley and Steve and it was absolutely amazing!! I will put up all those pics next time and explain each one for you! Hopefully some of you will be able to come visit and experience the Road to Hana for yourselves!! it is definitely something to put on your Bucket List.

One to leave you with...as we were eating salsa and chips we found this jewel- (turn your head sideways, i couldn't rotate this one either).

Love to all you Missippians...

(and to everyone else, i guess...)

We miss you all and will hopefully see you soon!

Lacey and Pat.


mix up.

Aloha!!! welcome! 
Sorry our internet has not been working, but i am making do at our sweet friend Ley's house! These are some older pics and quite random.  Below enjoy pics of our truck, the BEAST, our friend that lives in our house the geck, Big beach on a day off, and Twin Falls-which is a couple of trails with plenty of waterfalls (very family friendly-will have to take any visitors there).

We are having a blast and Halloween just passed-we had such a fun week/weekend for my birthday and the next post will include those pics! Thank you everyone for the cards and/or happies! i had the BEST birthday all because of all of you amazingly sweet and thoughtful friends and family!! We booked a flight and will be home dec. 15th-21st because we both have weddings to attend those weekends.  We hope to see some of y'all if possible on those few days we spend in Jackson, and if not...we hope to see you out here soon! :)  Hope all is well out there....love and misses!


the right side of the BEAST

the front of the BEAST plus my chauffeur

Charley's in Paia-Willie Nelson's place

chillin on Big Beach

Big Beach

Big Beach

Big Beach

Big Beach

Pat trying to get on the rocks in the middle of the water at Big Beach

rarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....the sun monster

says it all.

sunset at Big Beach

Pat and Ley jumping off the last water fall of the day.

Twin Falls.

trees from lord of the rings.

Ley and i scared to jump off the waterfall

me jumping from the waterfall....scared TO DEATH.

Pat climbing the highest waterfall i've ever seen.

Pat *jumping off the same waterfall.

Pat and Ley ready to jump

my necessities for work-Ole Miss mug and my lunch box.

Mahalo Nui Loa,

Lace and Pat.