Welcome back!!
Lately we have been pretty lazy, but up until May were super busy! Here is a look at our Maymester with some visitors! Danny and Rachel (godsista) came to Maui for vacation and stayed in Ka'anapali at the end of April.  We were able to spend a lot of time with them, and i was lucky enough to tag along on their Road to Hana trip!...

their first day here-Ka'anapali Beach

the Bank Plus pen picture!

their first Hawaiian sunset

surfing in Kihei at Kalama Park

in Hana

welcome to Paradise! the beginning of our Road to Hana

Red Sands Beach

Red Sands Beach

walking down to Red Sand

I enjoyed spending time with these two so much! It was a little slice of home! And they are an amazing family-I definitely look up to you guys in so many ways!

Next, Derrick and Michelle came to visit and stay with us!
    It was such an amazing and quick week with these two!  We might have had a few setbacks, but we laughed the entire way through!

Michelle's FAVORITE eatery!

their first day here, we attempted the Road to Hana Nowhere

this is THE rock that Derrick just had to see!

that yellow sign probably said "Go back now if your last name is Crews"

Ok, so we were going along, and we pulled off the side of the road to sightsee and of course! of course! The Jeep did not restart! (may or may not have been because someone jinxed us)  Anywho-we were luckily in the best place to be for some cowboys to stop with their tools and help us!

Our cowboys!

just waiting around-at least we had the cooler.

the amazing view from the second place we broke down! Kaupo General Store-look at all the waterfalls you can see from the road

the 3rd time we broke down-how many times did we jump the car off?

Farnell and Shelly-justa laughin'

Well, we made it out of Hana alive! (maybe not the Jeep) in case you all were wondering.  It was quite a day. 
Below are some random pics of Derrick and Michelle's first Maui sunset...

Pat, Derrick, and Michelle were brave enough to get up the next day and actually attempt the Road to Hana once again, this time in a rental (good call). 

We also spent a day in Lahaina at Ka'anapali Beach near Black Rock.  We were able to snorkel and relax all afternoon!  It was a good day...

Their last day in town, we all went to Big Beach (our favorite) and spent the day in the sun with family and friends...

at Little Beach for the Sunday night firedance
 We have quite a few more updates since then, but I will fill you all in slowly but surely!
For now, enjoy these pics!

2 days until Hal and Kelli arrive!
34 days until Mike, Lauren, GrayLew, and Shells arrive!
50 days until Katie arrives!
75 days until Tedo and Margaret move in!!

Pat and Lace.




i just wanted to take a minute to let our readers know that both of our computers have been sick with some sort of illness that is going around and therefore we cannot update any pictures.  Hopefully i will be able to borrow a friends in the next few days (weeks) and update everyone! We have so many fun pics from our last month including Rachel and Danny's trip, Derrick and Michelle's visit, our vacay to Oahu with Peter and Robert, and some events that have been going on here on Maui, including the Reggae Fest and Maui Film Fest.  Stay tuned.  Sorry for such a long pause.  Love to our friends and family!