Aloha Vic!


Vic came to visit us right after Christmas-December 28th through January 6th.  We were a little (okay, a lot) sad after leaving our family for Christmas so it was a VERY nice pick-me-up when our little slice of home arrived!! We took probably somewhere around 400 pics while Vic was here, so i'll spare you a few and try to put up only the best! (of course, if you know me at all-that means at least 50-100 pics are to come...)

The night Vic arrived, he flew in about 4pm and he and Pat hung out until after i got off work at 8.  We then gathered up a crew and went to Fred's for TACO TUESDAY! (what, what!)

Then, we made a night out of it!  We headed to Dog and Duck and then Tiki Lounge for some...dancing!

The next day Pat, Vic and i went to Big Beach in Makena!

For the New Year, we wanted to make it epic! Not another random NYE party that we would have forgotten when we awoke anyway-so we went to Hana!  We camped out for 2 nights and celebrated Jackson, MS New Years and Hawaii New Years!!  Here are some pics from our drive up the mountain to Hana...

We finally arrived! At dark, no doubt, and in the rain! But...we made it! Time to set up camp, the grill, and get the coldies out!...
shotgun for Larry.

Vic (kind of like our newest member to Maui) would not put his technology down! Even in Hana!!

ITS NEW YEARS IN JACKSON!! We celebrated properly!! 1st champagne bottle...popped!

It started to rain, so we had to get back into the tent...before midnight! We almost didn't make it...

The first full day in Hana we went to 7 sacred pools...

...made a few stops at some epic waterfalls along the way...

This one is taken from the car-many many miles away.  You can see this waterfall only from a specific spot along the road to Hana-it is absolutely magical when you spot it! it is SO far away and is only a blip in the scenery.

 And then we headed to Venus Pool...Patrick and I had never had the pleasure of finding this spot before, so we all thoroughly enjoyed it!

The path to the Heaven

The stone oven along the path

 a good hike
 we made it to Venus pool! it is a gorgeous natural salt water spring that is incredibly clear and you actually float because of the salt!

 Venus Pool

 A secluded beach beyond Venus Pool

you can see the presence of God clearly-at Red Rock (sand) beach.

 back to the camp site for night 2.

Our ramen supper

 On the way to Mama's-we didn't think we were going to make it!!

All of the above pics are from Mama's Fish House! Sweet Mrs. Vicki treated us to an AMAZING night out at an AMAZING restaurant in Haiku!  Thank you Mrs. Vicki!!! From all of us!!  I wish we had taken more pics but i think Vic and Pat were sick of my 1,000 pics per night by this point.  :)


See the site above to virtually visit Mama's-you can see a select menu and see pictures-it is definitely a once in a lifetime experience.  

Vic visited at the right time because we all had the pleasure of attending Kathey and Drew's wedding in Haiku!  It was a gorgeous ceremony that felt so personal and just absolutely perfect!  Here are a few pictures from our time at the wedding...

Caroline and i before the ceremony-aloha St. R!!

Patrick, Ley, and Vic-at the reception

 (my name was spelled wrong, but thats okay!)

me and Steve

Vic leaving us :(

Caroline (Pat) and i

Me and Ellen

Ellen, Steven, and Pat

everyone hanging out at KamIII the day after the wedding-Sole and Steve are seranading us! 
"its cloudy...in maui..."

before all the Mississippians left-Lacy, Pat, Sole

Sole, me, Ley, Shaunte hanging out at our hizzy

Pat won this old fashioned shave and haircut at the Barber Shop! ;) (Thanks, Larry)

me, Pat, Larry hanging out at Diamonds


Sadly, our car was stolen 2 weeks ago from Pat's work! Its upsetting thinking about it just because we finally upgraded and got a reliable car that we worked hard for and then someone comes and just snatches it away.  It is a vulnerable feeling that somone can just do that.  We lost a lot of gear that was in the car as well, but enough focusing on the bad!! We recently bought a moped and our friends have been especially nice in giving us rides here and there! Mahalo to you all!! 

Also, Pat is working at the Humuhumunukunukuapua'a Restaurant at the Grand Wailea and I have also moved on over to the Grand myself! It is a nice change of pace!  

In other news-Tedo is here visiting!  I will go ahead and give you a nibble at some of the things we've been up to with him...

 secret beach

 Wailea beach

 bamboo forest in Haiku

 watching sunset at KamIII

 Tedo and i took a leisure day in Lahaina

 amazing.  and taken while driving...courtesy of Tedo's iphone.


 sunset at Ka'anapali beach

 Tedo catching the sun

 beautiful sunset at Big Beach-heading to Sunday night at Little Beach

 Peter came to town and we went camping in Hana for the weekend!
 following the path to serenity

 jumping into Venus Pool
 in Hana

Tedo chilling in the oven.

Well folks, thats all for now!! Hope this one was long enough with enough pictures for everyone!! :) 

Muchos Mahalos! ENJOY! We love and miss you all!

and a BIG congrats to Ley and Steve on their engagement!!