The Biggest Loser.

**just an aside real quickly-is anyone watching the biggest loser this season?  I guess i've never really kept up with the show, but i've been watching it a little and these people are amazing.  just look at them and what they have accomplished in such a little amount of time!  They look amazing and their attitudes are even beyond that!  They are positive and have so much self worth and self love!  They are not only doing this for their health, but also for their families and it is inspiring to watch.  truly.

Pretty Lights was here last Thursday at the Lyric.  in case you are not familiar...
www. prettylightsmusic.com 

well it was (as last year) phenomenal.  It was my treat (because i don't think pat really likes them...) and it was well worth it! pat and i went and ended up finding claire, ward, catherine, and pegs.  and of course all his friends-mark, borz, nick, hutch-were all there and so we raged with them as well!! here are a few pics...don't judge...

Pat, mark, and bobby

me, nick, and mark

ward, claire, and cat

Also! we've been juicing lately-if you have never heard of this...please, please, please! google it there are so many articles/websites about juicing! we have a juicer...

 ...that is awesome!  but what you do is just drop fruits and veggies in there and they "juice" and only juice comes out into your cup and all the rinds and seeds (so you don't have to peel and pick beforehand) get cut out and are captured in the back.  You could mix ANY thing in here and get an amazing concoction!! i'm super serious.  i've always like fruits and veggies...but even if you don't i can promise this tastes like a daquiri! no kidding.  you'll see the coffee pot next to the juicer...well i'm trying to juice instead of coffee.  the health benefits are much more significant (as if coffee has any..) and what it does to your body is something i cannot explain.  seriously...look it up.  since your body does not have to digest these foods (they are already broken down) then it is like detoxing...but in a super delicious and filling way.  
  These are the fruits and veggies we are currently using.  (bananas are hard to juice because you don't hardly get anything from them-just eat them).  we've got lemons, limes, oranges, strawberries, blueberries, apples, and carrots.  This morning i juiced about 2 1/2 oranges, 2 apples, about 4 strawberries.  It was so deliciously amazing! i knew it couldn't be bad with all the fruit...but sometimes orange is bitter.  but no i just wanted to chug it.  (it made about a full 16 oz glass and i split it in half...left some for pat and i drank about 8 oz)-just so you know how much it is.  and that 8 oz. made me so full i felt bloaded.  (of course...i wasn't).  but! if you are looking for something fun to try...here it is! you can get a juicer online for about $100.  it is worth it, though.  oh and this afternoon i mixed oranges, strawberries, blueberries, a little lemon, a little lime, and some carrot.  and it was AMAZING.  i was worried about the lemon/lime being too sour and the carrot adding a weird taste-but i think that the carrot is by far my favorite juiced item thus far.  ok...enough babbling. enjoy your night!! love you all!



blown phone.

so...i have no phone as of now.  i dropped it into the toilet Saturday morning and it has not fully revived and the current holder of the phone (me) is broke broke broke.  So-unless it magically awakens one day soon, or cellsouth will hand me a free phone...i will be untelephonable.  if you need me, of course you can usually get me through Patrick's phone.  or e mail.  i will post pics from pretty lights soon...i will probably put a few on here and all on facebook.  it was a ridiculously good time! best time i have had since last year's girltalk/ghostland/pretty lights.  (well...miami (PHISH) was that fun, too).  you get the point.  and the pattern.  oootay...cooking some dindin. hope to hear from you all soon! and kelli's wedding is SO close! i cannot wait to see everyone!  love.





ok...thats all the memories for now...i hope everyone enjoys them! happppppy birthday lacy!! and happy lacy day to everyone else!! 


...spring break...

So...i just got back from my last spring break.  it was a much needed break from school, although i wish i could have seen a bit more sun and fun.  I went to New Orleans with my mom, brother, and his two girls-Lauren and Adin.  We spent Sunday and Monday night there and had fun going to the market, wandering the streets, going to the riverwalk, eating too much, and the girls got to enjoy the aquarium.  I got pat a really cool african music thing...i knew he would LOVE it!! (he did).  

Then the St. Paddy's Day Parade was on Saturday, and although no one could come visit for it...it was still fun!  here are a few pics...

Katie and i

Boss, Pat, Ger

 me and P

rach, katie, liz, and i at hal and mal's

Here are a few from nola...

Lauren and Adin

Normie and Mike...happily enjoying la cerveza

ALSO! lacy's birthday is coming up....WEDNESDAY! (march 24) so everyone get ready to celebrate and send wishes her way!! miss you lc.  

andddd patty's birthday is Apr. 15...any ideas??? mucho appreciated if so...! so long for now.



This past weekend was a great one!  It had been a LOOOONNNNNGGGGG week with illness, tests, projects, homework, etc. so i decided to head to Birmingham after class on Fri!  I arrived around 8pm and Katie and i got to talk/catch up/drink wine for a bit and then we headed to the Rogue Tavern where a band named "Raygun Administration" played 80's cover songs all night.  They were AWful...as in they thought they were hot (they were not), they wore tighter pants than mallory's dream guy does, and they could not sing...only scream.  I'm just sayin...  The place was actually cool though-they have an outside patio place that was neat, too.  If you are bored...you can check out their website (it's a pretty new place) @ www.roguetavern.com  

Katie and I at rogue tavern

Then on Saturday we went to the Summit to shop/eat.  We ate at Flip Burger Boutique.  I don't suggest going there if you are a vegetarian.  I ate a chickpea burger.  Cool place, but not for those who don't want meat.  and it was insanely packed and our waiter was quite awkward.  We also went to La Cocina Superior for dinner with Katie's friend and 2 of his friends.  It was a much better choice of food!! Shrimp fajitas and THE BEST queso dip i've ever tasted.  Good margs, too.  Our last stop of the night was The Rare Martini, which sadly i do not have any pictures from, however, we got an intensely entertaining dance by this 40 something year old woman with a belly ring.  Her and her latin lover...haaaa.  (should have video-ed it).  OH! and i named this Tasha because pat's dog, Natasha (named after Boris and Natasha from rocky and bulwinkle by Pat himself), is staying with us for a bit.  She is half wolf, half husky.  and she is a NUT!  here the beauty is...

Sweet Tash

This is Tasha and Buddy (vic's dog).  Tasha wanted to play and Bud did not! 

Ciao for now!! Hope everyone is well!! 3 DAYS UNTIL SPRING BREAK!!!! 11 UNTIL ST. PADDY'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


Ryan's Birthday at Yocona.

I just wanted to post a few pics from Saturday night to honor the birthday boy (his real bday is tomorrow!)...

                                                             The bro-in-law and i

The happy birthday boi in his crown

Ry, Hal, and Bill

In case you haven't figured it out by now-Hal is super skinny...refer to Ole Kel's blog for more of an update on skinny hal.  Also, you  can see that the new Yocona is way less atmospheric than the old Yocona.  It is much smaller with a smaller kitchen so they cannot make as many items which means a much smaller menu.  The building is still an old gas station as before, but without as much personality!  Welll-that's all folks...off to do my bajillion hours of studying for this and next week...¡ciao!  ¡ciao!



I ended up going out on Saturday for Ryan's birthday because a bunch of people came in town for it and his girlfriend, Rebekah, had planned a little dinner at Yocona (now in Abbeville) and then a taxi to the square.  Yocona was great-i had an amazing rainbow trout!  Then we headed to cowboy mario...which was fun at first! Kelli and i rode the bull undoubtedly (not together, though), and then we all danced-country style.  To my surprise, about 30 minutes after we got to the brary, i started to feel sick to my stomach-i knew i hadn't drank enough to get sick so i got worried.  I tried to find a ride desperately and could not so i finally sat down, prepared to wait for kelli and them to leave in about an hour.  I couldn't wait so of course i started crying.  Then...an angel appeared! sweet, sweet murph and the wiggins family approached me and gave me a ride to my home!  Thank God (litterally) they did so because as soon as i walked in i ran to the bathroom...and guess what-the STOMACH BUG had taken over my body.  It was awful and evil.  It hurt oh so badly and i'm still in recovery.  Not a very productive start to my week, to say the least...but i'm trying to get it all done because in 2 weeks i finally get a BREAK! a much needed spring break! damn...i can't wait...