My Morning Jacket.

SO! we went to My Morning Jacket in birmingham, AL tuesday night! it was a very quick, very exciting, very good trip.  We showed up, had a few dranks, saw the show, and headed back to oxford.  We went to the rogue tavern again-which if you actually read this, it is the same place we went to when i went to visit katie a few weeks ago. here are some pics of the MMJ show...
in the Alabama Theatre


MMJ and Preservation hall Jazz Band

the whole crew

If you don't know MMJ, i suggest you check them out...myspace or itunes or even just google them.  great music and great show.  love to all.



Tomorrow, April 20th, is kelli byrd's birthday!!! Since i won't be here to do this tomorrow or to celebrate with her :(   i wanted to give her some love now....

Crawfish Junior Year

Bethany's bday at the Lyric Senior Year

@ Prime with Geny's parents Senior Year

kelli and hal dancing at roosters

kelli and hal fighting over a phone? at library

lacy, kelli, and i

mal, kelli, me, and lace at library senior year

first football game '08

somehow i get the BEST alone pics of you!

football game '08

debate weekend

geny, kel, hal

sigma nu rowdy redneck swap

rancho grande

sigma chi throw down for your home town swap

merry christmas from kelli's oasis

egg bowl '08

egg bowl '08



kd christmas party/jewelry party??

daddy daddy go faster...

stupid jezebel

rancho grande


doin bruin for lacy's birthday!

bruin '09

derby day '09

kd formal at the movies

kd formal

kel and lacy dancing at kd spring formal '09

kd crawfish '09

summer '09

summer '09

meat and mary's engagement party

first home football game '09


wed. night karaoke at applebees!!

casa for my birthday '09 

mary, kel, me, and reb after a football game '09

hal bowling

kel and i at the groc

our dudes 

kelli getting frustrated with hal 

molding kelli

hal and kelli's engagement party '10

julep after the engagement party


now some oldies just for fun....

summer after freshman year ('06) at el som

in crosby fall sophomore year '06

kelli and maegen's ball in brookheaven!

kel and i and elvira at jukejoint fest '08?

i know that was a lot but it was worth it! hope everyone enjoys the laughs and kel-i hope you are smiling (or crying) by the end of it!! i love you!!! happppppppy 23rd baby girl!!