soooooooo.....i walked this weekend! (pics to come soon) and i was really nervous all weekend/week because i did not know my advanced cal grade (just an aside-this is my third time to take the class and i still have to take the 2nd part of it to graduate...hints thats my 3 hours in the summer). SO...grades came out tonight andddd i got a....


i was more than excited!!! i didn't think that a B was even an option! sooo that means i gotta put my all into the second part in july! i think your prayers worked! so thank you all!! so much! seee you all in less than a month at DAAAA BEACHHHHH!!!!! wooooo!




I WANT MY FRIENDS BACK!!!!! i think i am finally getting to that point...where i'm starting to (hyperventilate) freak out because i don't know what to do next!  and also...everyone please just say an extra prayer for me before next week that i can put all i have into my finals so that i can walk across that stage proudly!  a little nervous for one class so pray that i can study study study and retain!!! i need your prayers!  but...thoughts on an afterplan?



jackson (ugh)...?