Lovin the SumSumSummmma!

hola seƱoritas!!

So orange beach happened.  It was amazing.  Nuff' said.

Back in Jacktown, it was very uneventful.

Now, currently in Oxpatch again for a week.  Get to see my babiez tomorrow!! (i am babysitting Jack(3) Caroline(3) and Hattie(5) every once n a while this summer) and they requested ME ("and patchwick") to play with them tomorrow night and saturday morning!  So, i get to have some fun with them and make a lil cashy cash (mucho necesario)!

Also, i am excited getting ready for Hal and Kelli's crawfish boil next weekend!! Should be so fun! and Smash, i realllllllly hope you and mike make it down!! We will not disappoint!

And only 37 more days until Ole Kel is HITCHED!!! yayyyy for seeing everyone!

Check the book for pics to come.  Also, i will email the beach pics to you, Anna and Kel! (and whoever else wants them!)

Love and Peace and HOT HOT hEaT!

ciao for now...