foolish february.

This February, i made a vow to myself not to miss a sunset (unless of course i absolutely had to).
So far...so good!

this is actually from Jan. 31st, but it is when i made the vow

On 2.1.12 i did a sunset run and forgot my phone or camera!  but i will promise everyone that i did indeed get to see the first sunset of February 2012!

there were so many whales jumping around

Soph and i watched the sun set at Kalama Park

(also from 2.3.12)

Soph needed a nap during sunset, so i was able to capture it from her backyard.

**it rained in Kihei  on the 5th and 6th, so Soph and i were unable to catch sunset**

(captured by Amanda Delorey at Big Beach, Makena, HI)

from my store at Grand Wailea

dedicated to Trae! hau oli la hanau, brother! love you!

2.12.12-Kalama Park

OK, a break in the sunset pics for a second...2.13.12 Patrick and I celebrated an early Valentine's since we were both working the next day.
we started the day off with some Charley Young with friends...

Chris, Amanda, me, Patrick

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Love! it makes the world go 'round!
 That night we attended Warren and Annabelle's Magic Show  in Lahaina!
Warren (the magician) is from South Carolina...yes, a fellow southerner and it made the show that much better!  It was absolutely amazing and so funny!! To read my review and many others of Warren and Annabelle's just click the link!

 the pre-show drinks and pupus

Oh my goodness...the dessert was delicious...southern apple pie and cheesecake!!

Mr. Warren Gibson

 We were picked to sit in the front row so we got a close view on the action! Actually, Pat was most of the action...the butt of all the jokes!! It was so funny, i literally fell off my seat!

getting to meet Warren after the show!

On 2.15.12 I tried to capture the sunset from work, but it was quite the challenge.
Instead, we all met at Monkey Pod after work to enjoy some time with our friend Jessica that came over from Oahu.

love ya, Jess!

Peter came to visit from Oahu...

2.18.12...Whale Day!

The Whale Day Festival on Maui is big every year (as you can imagine, small island...everyone attends every event!), but this year it was HUGE! I had the opportunity to board Shaka Doug's float of mermaids in the parade this year!  It was so fun!

my burning man mermaid tail

 Shaka Doug! our float!

Whale Day sunset!


Pat and Pete goofing off

Party at Three's...

 ...just a normal drive down the highway...

stopping at Kula Farms for some scrawberries

 such an awesome view from up there

 you can see where the water gets rougher because of the unblocked winds

 we made it to Kipahulu

 driving down to the campsite

in front of our Four Seasons

 notice the heart leaf on the right?

 Pat found a nice little watering hole to cool off in

it started to rain early, so we had to spend most of the night inside the Four Seasons...

our dining room

hahaha...sorry, i had to-this is a genuine reaction

our living room

 i randomly woke up at 6am just in time to see the sunrise.  This pic is from our tent window...it was beautiful!

 watching the sunrise

 a new (to us) trail to a waterfall by Alelele bridge...
rough stream that day, so Pat was checking it out

 the fattest waterfall!

 i spy something... hetty...

 ole sun

 do you see what i see?


us and the lord and lady of the land in front of the compound

 my favorite spot

 our final Kihei sunset (for now)

Aloha, Kalama!

Thanks for reading/looking! February was good and busy!
We're glad you could be a part of it!

Happy March (counting down til St. Pads!!)!
We can't wait to see all of our friends and family!! Reunion Tour!! :)

xoxo,Lacey and Pat.

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